• Scanning Sessions are half an hour, please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment to fill in a consent form. Please wear comfortable clothes, preferably a top and trousers. Family and friends welcome to share this exciting time with you! You lie down on a table, lower the trousers slightly and lift up your top exposing your preggy belly. Paper towel is added to ensure your clothes aren’t too sticky when you leave. A really cold water-based gel is spread over the abdomen, we will pretend it is very good for the skin, good moisturising cream. There is a flat screen on the wall for everyone to view, don’t forget the popcorn and slush puppy!
  • Then the scanning begins…
  • We take measurements of baby, tell you how much baby is weighing, listen to the heart beating and give you a heart rate. If you dislike surprises, we can determine or confirm the gender.
  • If you would like to keep the gender a surprise, please inform us, so that we don’t spoil it for you. When parents don’t want to know, the sonographer will not venture down there, it will therefore be a secret, even to the sonographer and therefore can not take any bribes from family members.
  • JPEG images are stored onto a CD,so that you can email, download or even brag at work. It takes a few minutes for the discs to finalize, and then they are yours. Please note that some DVD’s may contain an age restriction, if gender known!

Examples of scanned images